The Savio Tradex Industrial Sector is made of many individual industries including manufacturing and construction, which involves design and engineering, procurement and supply.
Savio Tradex has developed and maintained strong relationships with companies operating across all local industries, assisting through the supply of quality filters and by offering expert filtration advice to engineers, installation teams and supply companies. Companies in the research and development phase of experimental manufacturing processes can turn to Savio Tradex to ensure filtration requirements are considered and the right filtration solution is integrated into the overall process.
We stock the most durable, robust filter products available to heavy industry customers. We're happy to talk through the options and we welcome customers to discuss specific needs with us directly or through our online enquiry form.

Solutions for the Industry sector

There is no one solution to cover the entire Industry sector, so please contact Savio Tradex to talk about filtration for:
• Specialist industrial filtration applications. We stock filters for blowers, dust collectors and vacuum pump applications.
• Industrial hydraulics. One of our specialties, our range and experience is second to none.
• Experimental production techniques and processes. Another Savio Tradex specialty; we have assisted many companies with all their filtration requirements.