Who we are

Savio Tradex Company for Import, General Trade and Distribution is one of the largest companies specialized in the container handling equipment , spare parts , filters , tyres , marine services in Egypt, the company is importing many products from major exporting countries .
The company was founded in 2010 and managed by the best business minds that have gained work mentality through a long time in the local and international markets. The quality, diversity and honesty are our principles in this company, where do our best to give our customers the best service. With over ten years of combined filtration, marine services experience under different legacy name, our team at Savio Tradex is proud to be considered experts in many products. You can trust us.
Savio Tradex also has one of the ready to distribute stock holdings of filters, tyres, wires, shackles, spare parts, etc… in the country. Our onsite storage facility is 1000m2 warehouse. From the general public, to the growing mining and resources sector, to the largest players in the oil and gas Industry. We have an excellent reputation amongst the Oil and Gas, Mining communities.
I welcome you to contact us to discuss any particular needs you or your business may have.

Our Vision

Savio Tradex Company for Import, General Trade and Distribution has professional and accurate working group return to the great experience due to treatment with major companies and organizations that are honored that we've to deal with and that are satisfied with our services inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt. We import many products from major international companies in terms of quality and trust and we distribute all over the country through active team and by company's cars all that qualifies us to complete our work perfectly.
We are also ready to answer your inquiries at any time, we have a professional team with long experience in all fields of the company, where we provide import consulting import for companies and individuals who are wishing to import and offer the necessary services, high speed and efficiency, quality and economic costs.

Our Aims

The primary objective, which company seeks to achieve is collect all efforts to achieve the work triangle is quality and efficiency - timeliness - economic cost. We are experts to support the needs of your company, whatever; where we invest more time and effort to support our customers with the best products and services at the lowest possible cost.